Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Make Violin Strings Out Of Animal Hair

Hey did you know that violin string usually made from animal hair like a horse? i just know it now after i watch video about make violin string out of animal hair in youtube. This is very unimagine, you must see whit video guys.

Make Picolo Headjoint

Hello guys, today i will share video about how to make picolo headjoint. I embed two videos, the video is in two parts, parts one and parts two. This video uploaded by PowellFlutes youtube user account, let's say thanks to powellflutes because he want to share their knowledge about how to make an instrument. Are you want to share too, i wait you guys, and i will share it again in my blog.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Make a Frankenstart Guitar Replica Under $300

In my second post in this day i will write about how to make a frankenstart guitar replica under $300. I hope this video can help you save money and you still cool with frankenstart guitar replica under $300. I share about guitar replica is not for duplicating guitar rights, but i hope with this video you can learn first and then you can make as your own idea. Lest burn your creativity guys.

Make your Own Archtop Guitar Musical Instrument

Hello guys, today i will share about how to make your own archtop guitar musical instrument. I embed one video from billyfionamcm, a youtube user account. Before it i am very apologize, i can't update this blog for a log time because now i on area which have slow internet connection. I hope i can still share with you anytime. Okay lets enjoy this video.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Set Up New Grand Piano

When you have new grand piano, you must set up it before you can play that musical instrument. Usually if you buy a new grand piano it's not in a perfect shape. You must set up it from the packing, usually grand piano shippend with vertical position. Okay let's watch this video about how to set up new grand piano guys.

How to Set Up a Guitar

Are you want to know how to set up a guitar? you are in the right place, in this post i will share about how to adjust the intonation on an electric guitar. I embed one video about it, this video very easy, many youtube comenters say thats this video very easy, you can try it now, let's watch this video.

instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma

Hey you wanna know instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma, just go to itunes guys.