Guitar Tuner Adroid Aplication

If you have a problem with your guitar sound, you should tune your guitar. But many of us can't do it, because its needs depth musical soul. Haha, so, if you have any problem to tune your guitar, you can use your android smartphone as a guitar tunner.

There is a popular guitar tuner application in google play store, called GuitarTuna. This application published by yousician, in their pages, they claim that it's a "the #1 tuner in the world!". I never use this application, but many comments about this application sounds great.

Like comments from kevin, he say, "Cool !!! Now, I can tune my guitar easier". More coments from Hafiz, "PERFECT!! Easy to use, easy to lern. Useful."

In their description they showed that this application win a audio technology award. Have a prefessional accuracy and includes metronomes. For more detail watch this video guys.


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