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instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma

Hey you wanna know instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma, just go to itunes guys.

audacity karaoke plugin free download link

Make Homemade Harmonica Holder in 15 Minutes

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2:10 straight up 2:12 and then pull this looped around your 2:16 neck I the best way to do this is to 2:22 look at yourself in a mirror or as I am 2:26 little camera box on my computer here 2:29 and try to make it as symmetrical as 2:33 possible that way you don't have issues 2:35 with imbalance and other things when you 2:39 are trying to make your harmonica holder 2:44 function as you can see I have a nice 2:47 close to symmetrical live down here 2:50 you're never going to get a perfect as 2:51 you can see everything up right here 2:53 I'll please don't give me too much grief 2:55 I'm you're going to put it around your 2:58 neck make sure it sits comfortably it 3:01 kind of hurts on your shoulders if you 3:02 do it wrong so make sure that that's not 3:05 happening and then let it kind of sit 3:09 make sure that it's pretty close to even 3:11 I check it almost in your peripheral 3:14 vision after that what you're going to 3:17 do is you…

plans to make your own shamisen

hello i ever post about make a shamisen. In that post i share video from Kawa. In this post i will share you alternative video.

Thanks for Claude for this.

Homemade Stumstick Tutorial Part 2 - 6


Homemade Strumstick Tutorial Part 1

0:06 hi I'm Andy McKee I'd like to show you 0:10 how to make a simple instrument called 0:13 the Mackay music stick 0:20 this needs to be a hardwood this quarter 0:26 song with the grain going up and down 0:44 yo 0:47 here we're measuring the angle that 0:50 we're going to cut off with your 0:51 traditional go on to a quarter of an 0:55 inch down the four and a half inches in 0:59 will cut that piece off 1:05 whether I 12 1:09 he's always winking 1:13 me 1:17 e joy upper heart 1:29 this can be cut on the table saw we made 1:34 a chair here might have to make a few 1:36 practice cuts to get this district 1:38 acting the way you want it 1:49 I 1:52 so last week 2:02 joy of my heart 2:21 you 2:28 I found it easier for the younger 2:31 children to use the bandsaw said the 2:34 table saw again we might have to make 2:37 you back to scouts honor he's a scrap 2:41 who until they get used to making this 2:43 cup 2:53 the arms are waiting to read me now 2:59 caminar ar…